Google AdWords

Google Advertising

If you are looking for ways to get more people to visit your website – consider using AdWords, and start advertising on the first page of Google search. Search engine marketing, or SEM, is one of the most effective ways of online advertising via text ads, which enables your ad to appear on the Google Search Engine above or next to the organic search results someone performed for a particular term. Google advertising helps you highlight and advertise the most important information: special offers, new products, or your area of expertize, at the precise moment the prospective customers are searching what you have to offer.

The choice and order of ads displayed on these paid positions depend on several factors, but above all, on the relevance of the ad in relation to what someone was looking for, i.e. keywords he/she typed in the Google search engine.

Paid ads

Pay Per Click is one of the great advantages when Google Ads are concerned. Basically, the ad is displayed for free and the money is spent only when someone clicks on it. There is no universal amount for pay per click – it differs on several factors, depends from business to business, but it is safe to say that it mostly depends on how competitive a certain keyword is. Pricing is bid-based, and virtually every time you make a search, all the bidders who would actually want to show up on those paid (highlighted) positions bid for a particular keyword. Also, in most cases, the maximum daily budget or daily spending limit is set, and when it is spent - the ad is shut down for the day. There is no lower limit for the daily budget.

Benefits of Google AdWords

Ads draw attention to your business – Paid Google ads do not only stand out only in the position that is above the organic (unpaid) results, they also have various add-ons, e.g. the widget for direct dialing from a mobile phone.

AdWords is measurable – his system is integrated with Google Analytics, so you can easily monitor the impact of the campaign and see precisely what you get for your money. You can see how the budget is spent, at what time of the day, for which key words, and many other statistical data at any moment. You can read more about this on our Google Analytics page.

You are in control throughout the process – Choose your daily budget and the amount you pay for each click. You can change, pause or stop ads at any time. What can be cited as the biggest advantage of this type of advertising is that you can advertise exactly at the moment someone on Google searches exactly what you have to offer. You can choose to advertise on specific locations, at the time of day of your choice.

Google Advertising – Display

Advertising on Google Display is another important segment of Google advertising, and can be a powerful tool if managed properly. Google Display network represents millions of partner sites worldwide that have the option of displaying Google display ads. These ads will appear on partner sites that match the selected targeting, such as geographic location, topics of targeted group websites, a website of your choice which runs the Google Banners, etc. You can see all the Display Ad targeting options on our Google Display page.

Only text ads can be displayed on Google Search, while Display has a number of additional options and different ways of advertising, such as banners or video ads. In addition to the above, Display Network audience targeting and selecting is highly versatile, and can be done using one or more parameters.