Google Analytics and Conversion Tracking

Google Analytics and Conversion reporting

You have decided to define and create your online appearance in detail. AdWords campaigns have been launched, the number of website visits has increased, people click on your interesting ads. Everything looks peachy. Is it, though?

If you evaluate the success of your campaign solely by the generated traffic, you are very likely to ignore the true metrics for digital business success.

Do not take the obsession with the mere number of visits over the number of conversions or the retention rate.

The proper analysis of statistical data before, during, and after the campaign is one of the most important factors that determine the success thereof. The advantage of digital marketing precisely lies in this measurability. The number of clicks and views, frequency, demographic data and interests of your website visitors are just some of the information we can obtain using a tool called Google Analytics.

Гугл Аналитика и праћење конверзија

Google Analytics, however, does not show your campaign progress without the additional settings. What needs to be done is to define what is critical to your business, and follow such parameters in detail.

The most important metrics are:

  • Sales;
  • Click-to-call buttons;
  • Reservation;
  • Leeds;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • PDF download;
  • Sending emails.

The integration of AdWords and Analytics allows for the campaign optimization to reach far beyond the quantitative analysis (comparison of click prices); instead, you can qualitatively determine which clicks and which visitors are most valuable to you as an advertiser. Google AdWords campaign should focus on them.

Make strategically important decisions based on verified statistics and your campaigns will surely start to deliver better results.