Dynamic Search Ads

Google Dynamic Ads (DSA), re somewhat similar to traditional text campaigns. The main difference is that there is no active keyword or ad management - they show based on the content of your site. Google connects the queries made by your potential users with products on the website, and displays the dynamically generated and customized ads. This type of campaign is displayed in Google search results, but it's hard to distinguish them from regular text ads.

DSA are used successfully in advertising websites (or website categories) with a large number of articles, in order each of them to get their dynamic ad. By automatically personalizing ads, DSA enables the users to find the products or services they are looking for in the easiest way possible.

DSA is successfully used in market research of new websites whose industry requires "longer" keywords. This campaign type allows Google to perform keyword research that can later be used to run Search campaigns.

Dynamic ads are particularly useful for developing and promoting online stores, i.e. improving Ecommerce sales. One of their biggest advantages is that the results can be seen quickly. In the first month, you can expect up to 10% improved sales performance, with this percentage increasing over time.

In addition to increasing the chances of selling your products, this system is completely transparent and gives a detailed insight into the best-selling items, generated online sales revenue, the most popular products, and sales per advertising channels. These statistics are crucial for further online business.

To harness the full potential of this kind of campaign, it is necessary to set it properly, and regularly monitor and optimize it thereafter. Our experience in this field helps speed up the process.

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