Google Ads for Ecommerce

Google E-commerce advertising

Ecommerce is functionally a completely separate concept of online business, applied in industries in which this kind of business does make sense. Also, this model is at different stages of development in different markets.

Ecommerce refers to commercial transactions conducted online. It enables the buyer to find a shop with a certain item, to look around, get information about discounts and promotional campaigns, compare product characteristics, or see and read comments from other users / customers.

Ecommerce websites have a lot of products, and each product has its own page, an adequate description, price, images and instructions on how to buy the product. From the back-end point of view, these websites can be linked to stock, or fiscal devices, in order to facilitate the synchronization of product prices, quantity of available items, etc. Nowadays, besides the quality user interface, it is necessary for Ecommerce presentations to display 100% relevant information regarding the price and availability of a particular item.

Ecommerce advertising is one of the most complex forms of advertising. It requires constant optimization, tracking the results in Google Analytics, and making an in-depth analysis of purchasing and customer behavior. These campaigns are often done in combination with dynamic ads, since, as a rule, they have a large number of pages and articles. It is safe to say that the combination of these two functionalities yields the best results.

The great thing about this kind of business is the ability to monitor the high percentage of online activity, sales results and analysis. Measuring tools are the key to understanding the behavior of our users, as well as the facts such as - why and how are they making the purchase, how long does their visit last, what did they search on our website, what type of our products they prefer, are they looking at discount campaigns or do they prefer new collections, etc.

Being in charge of the marketing and advertising for such complex systems can be really challenging. In addition to the top-notch knowledge and expertise needed, certain features are often used for the first time.

Our agency has been creating such campaigns, and due to the increase in the number of Ecommerce websites in Serbia – we strive to stand out as professionals who approach them properly and implement high quality campaigns.

If you have a web shop, you should definitely consider using Ecommerce advertising. Contact us so we can make an optimal campaign tailored to your business needs.