Google Search Ads

Google Ads (Google Search Ads)

Used to writing your secrets down in your diary, keeping it hidden in a safe place? Why bother - you can just put them on page 2 of Google search results? No one will ever find them there.

We are all aware of the importance of finding your place on Google. However, as the saying goes "you snooze, you lose." Therefore, you cannot let someone else get your piece of the pie when you have the best wingman (Google) on your side.

Just being present on Google does not guarantee you'll "get the phone number and leave with a smile on your face." This platform must be given full attention – you have to sharpen all the senses, listen to the wishes and the needs of the buyers, and sometimes you have to do a bit of sweet talk. Trust us when we say - putting in a little effort is tantamount to your success. Not to mention the phone number...

Google Search Network is the most effective form of online advertising, which connects supply and demand in real time. Google Search Network is the largest global search network with over 97% market share of search engines in Serbia. Bottom line is that Google ads are an inevitable tool for any business that wants to be present on the Internet.

Google Ads have a clearly defined ultimate goal - for the user to take a specific action on your website. The biggest advantage of this form of advertising is that the ads are only shown to people searching for terms related to the given service or product, regardless of the device they choose to do it from. In this way, demand and supply are merged at the moment of the search, by placing the most relevant results and adds in the best positions. This means that the advertisers have to define the words in order to appear in Google's search results, and set the max amount they are willing to pay for a click.

Our suggestions and consultations with clients help us define the most important factors of the Google AdWords campaign related to their business.

Google Search Ads

The most important factors include:

  • Locations where the ads should be displayed (you can target almost any country in the world, besides Serbia)
  • Campaign time and dates (it is possible to have a campaign that is active throughout the day, or only during certain hours, when the client finds it most convenient)
  • Relevant keywords and all advanced options for managing them.
  • The content of the ad, and the use of the most effective methods in creation thereof, so these ads can achieve their maximum impact, as to the psychological point of the target group.
  • Selection and optimization of the landing page, and examples from practice that are proven to deliver the best results.
  • Devices on which Google AdWords campaigns will appear.
  • Selection of strategies for bidding with other advertisers in the same industry.
  • The most effective campaign(s) structure in the ad group.

As a Premier Google Partner Marketing Agency, Cloud Media is constantly up-to-date with the latest trends and options used in advertising on the Google Search Network, and we propose these trends to our clients, after which we implement them according to their needs.

The support for the clients using Google Ads, apart from our knowledge and advice, reflects in the fact that we have built a relationship with the most experienced AdWords team available at all times, ready to quickly resolve any possible problem that may arise in the process of campaign optimization and managing.

Dynamic Search Ads are a special form of Search campaigns used to develop online sales. We described this type of campaign in a separate article on our website.

In addition to the above, we are very successful in defending the campaign from unfair competition and malicious clicks. These clicks consume your budget and greatly increase the cost of overall advertising, and therefore have a great impact on the business results. Over time, we developed well-planned defense strategies we implement in all campaigns, which help avoid the harmful indications of such actions.