Online Media Buying

Online Media Buying

Online Media Buying has been in increase last years and is a part of most campaigns. Media Buying is to improve brand awareness, increase number of website visitors and to boost sales.

Each client has its own target group and therefore has a need for advertising on certain websites. Cloud Media offers media planning free of charge, defining media or platforms meeting the criteria (campaign duration, targeting audience, budget, campaign goal, ads, etc.).

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We are responsible for communication with media, purchasing, payment, technical issues, and channel only relevant information to you. It is time savvy, and you are assured that everything develops according to plan.

Online media buying

Our goal is to provide you with the best online media buying pricing, we achieve that thanks to our discount politics which applies to every client regardless of frequency and amount of media buying.

A part from Online Media Buying at Pay Per Click media, and Skype and Twitter advertising, PPC platforms all services - as optimization and reports are included within the price.

If you are interested for Media Buying, please send us your wish list and will be answering you with a complete plan and price list with the discounts too. We do media buying at domestic PPC platforms as Httpool and Etarget are.