YouTube Ads

YouTube Advertising

Did you know that an increasing number of people plays YouTube content on their LCD TVs rather than cable TV channels, and that they will spend more of their free time visiting this platform than watching television?

When thinking about potential clients under the age of 24, YouTube is definitely the best platform for reaching them. As for the population aged 25-54, it is in third place.

Brand fans are the most important target groups, because they represent "active" users who will most likely make the purchase. Therefore, it is very important to develop an excellent customer relationship, approaching their communities, passions and their specific lifestyle.

There are several reasons why YouTube matters:

  • YouTube processes more than 3 billion searches a month, representing the second largest search network
  • It reaches a large number of users at the moment of watching a video
  • It offers the ability of the narrow targeting by location, interests, and even the type of YouTube channel visited by the user
  • It allows clear definition of the budget
  • All parameters easy measurable

It allows measurability of all campaign parameters

YouTube ad forms:

  • In-stream or video discovery ads – ads that appear at the beginning, or during a video, and can be stopped after five seconds
  • Bumper ads – ads that last for 6 seconds or less, and cannot be stopped.

In addition to the YouTube platform, this type of advertising can be directed to websites that are part of the Google Display Network (GDN).

YouTube advertising allows you to tell the story of your brand, product or service in a very striking way. This enables your business to occupy a high place in the mind of the customer. You have to appear on this search network to reach all the potential customers and keep up-to-date, because YouTube is increasingly becoming a #MustHave form of advertising. Feel free to contact us, so we can soar your product above the clouds.